Online Marketing For Local Businesses

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Local Business Online Promotion Get More For Less Okay, you're a local business owner, with a pretty small advertising budget but you know that you need to do something to grow your business. So you go over in your mind the usual steps that most local business owners like yourself do in order to try Read More »

Green Business is Good Business - Sustainable Resources Keep Businesses Viable

Posted in Small Business Marketing on April 21, 2013
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We hear a lot about "green marketing" these days. Small businesses to major corporations are trying to appeal to the greater environmental consciousness of consumers. Why? There's money to be made. Research suggests that eco-minded consumers are willing to pay more money for green products, services, or even to deal with companies that demonstrate having Read More »

How To Trade Stocks For Free - Best Resources on Online Stock Trading

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How To Trade Stocks For Free In order to learn to trade stocks, every trader must exhibit patience and intelligence with the stock market. Online stock trading can be a difficult and tricky game, so you want to be sure you prepare yourself before heading into the arena or you will often times get crushed! Read More »

Small Business Marketing Ideas

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There are many traditional ways of marketing your product or service. These include word of mouth or simply putting out a sign in your store. And although we are not saying that these are ineffective, we always encourage people to use more drastic measures. The economic and business landscapes these days are very cut-throat; the Read More »

Local Internet Marketing

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Building brand recognition for your small local company would be the icing on the wedding cake and for some, this would drive their business to a whole new level. In this post I'm going to break down several local internet marketing tips you can use to promote your business name and also drive a lot Read More »