Create a Local Internet Marketing Business

Posted in SB Marketing Strategies, Small Business Marketing on January 1, 2017
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Create a Local Internet Marketing Business

Four Online Marketing Mistakes Local Businesses Make (and How To Fix Them)

Have a local business? Find out how to avoid these common mistakes and 4 simple changes you can make to your website right now to grow your local customer base. Join us at for the main discussion after the episode!

Michelle Martello:

Can't wait to read your thoughts in the comments, and as always thanks for watching!

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23 Responses to “Create a Local Internet Marketing Business”

  1. Rich Deane says:

    thanks for the tip!

  2. Kevin Thomas says:

    Great marketing ... you Rock

  3. Don Lachance says:

    Always incredible value Steven, I appreciate you my friend and i'm having a grand time working with you.

  4. 76np says:

    GREAT advice...I am going to double-check I have all of this, thanks Marie, you are awesome!!

  5. 76np says:

    Hilarious intro...that girl made me laugh so much!! ; )

  6. Gavin Waterman says:

    Thanks, great tips. I made my website ridiculously simple after watching your presentation.

  7. Online Services says:

    I really enjoyed viewing the creativity and the content, good stuff.

  8. Alex Serrano says:

    What's new? I enjoyed your channel.

  9. Nadja Silke says:

    This is amazing! Such good tips.

  10. DawnOfTheDead991 says:

    LOL, you don't know how many times some customer would ask me why I put his business's name, address and phone on the top and bottom of every page of his site. Duh

  11. Elizabeth Walter says:

    Nice one, cheers.

  12. Robert R says:

    Great job Marie! Very helpful simple advice. If you build it (website), they will NOT come. If you video it, they still won't come. But am sure you can help us all.

  13. ClickFunnels (Your All-In-One E-Commerce Website Builder) says:

    Great ideas for local businesses...

  14. z28redd says:

    Thank you so much for making your videos interesting and fun.

  15. Leonardo Arzeno says:

    there is a sound within the audio track that sounds like a crying little baby. It`s really annoying for me because I have two little children and make`s me think that they are crying. Good advices anyway...

  16. Brian E. Young says:

    This is one thing we've all encountered. You're looking on a website trying to visit a local store or business and you just can't find their address or directions. Half the time you're not even sure if they're in your city. Why??

  17. Nicko Morales says:

    I was laughing so hard on this one.. niceeee!!!

  18. TeamAutomation says:


  19. Royce Jarrett says:

    That's for sure. Additionally I want to mention that I am a video marketer and i use youtube to gain web traffic, and this video has been very informative for me. thanks. I recommend that all of you visit my youtube channel to learn more information about how i harness the power of youtube to bring visitors to my site

  20. Terry Lamb says:

    I did off line business marking for years and it seems as if local businesses are really out of touch with the online marketing world. Why do you think they are so behind the times?

  21. Balyhoos Business Network says:

    Great Video Marie. This is exactly what we do for our customers.
    We help small businesses get big visibility.

  22. gwendolinechione says:

    You are very inspiring Marie, thank you for another helpful video. One point, I was interested in the (annual?) seminar you advertised in a different video (hot/rich, etc!). I'd be willing to travel internationally for it, if possible - but I couldn't tell from your advert, in which city it is held 🙂 I'm sure the website is awesome though! Peace & Respect! 

  23. Elizabeth Lawrence says:

    Hey, listen, wonderful tips. I just want to tell you that you're getting a whole bunch of views in promoting your videos or your online Q&A. If you are getting traffic and you're promoting your videos and your Q&A product, I've got a product and services I'd love for you, if you are interested, to promote and if you have a mailing list, can you send me a solo ad please? Thanks so much. Elizabeth

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